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Asbestos down cord SHAP-02

Asbestos down cord SHAP-02
  • Asbestos down cord SHAP-02
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Brand:Волжский Химкомплекс, ООО
Country of manufacture:Russia
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Asbestos down cord ShAP GOST 1779 - 83 

They are used for thermal insulation of joints of hot pipelines, as a seal in various heating units and heat - conducting systems. Most often, asbestos cords are in demand at mechanical engineering enterprises (for sealing stationary parts of machinery and equipment), as well as at pipe rolling plants (for sealing the joints of sections in furnaces for heating pipes). The use of asbestos cord allows to reduce operating costs for energy resources and increase the productivity of thermal engineering systems. ShAP asbestos is an unshaped refractory material with excellent heat - resistant and fire - resistant properties, made by wrapping a core of asbestos roving (chrysotile asbestos mixed with cotton and other chemical fibers) with asbestos threads or yarn.
The asbestos downy cord ShAP is produced in two grades: ShAP - 01 and ShAP - 02.

Technical characteristics: Heat
resistance class, no more than: 400 ° С
resulting linear density:

SHAP - 02 151 - 250 Kteks;

mass fraction of asbestos fiber not less than 78% ;
mass fraction of moisture no more than 3% .
Packaging: cords are wound in coils weighing 14 - 17 kg and packed in polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride film.
The guaranteed shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture.


ShAP working environment:

gas, steam, water.



22 - 25 mm (SHAP) 



The cords are delivered in coils, the weight of one coil is 12 - 25 kg.





Estimated weight of ShAP asbestos cords:
Diameter of cords, mm Weight, g / r. m.
3 6
4 7.5
5 12
6 24
8 44
ten 68
12 95
15 145
eighteen 180
twenty 225
22 275
25 335



Brand:Волжский Химкомплекс, ООО
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 14.02.2021

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